be thwarted

See: lose
References in classic literature ?
It makes me very nervous and poorly, to be thwarted so in my own family, and to have neighbours who think of themselves before anybody else.
He scents escape, and rather than be thwarted of our chance now I told him that I would bring him to you, and let you decide whether he might accompany us.
She hath a proper spirit for her years and cannot abide to be thwarted.
Yes; but I added, to help you it would be sufficient that Dantes did not marry her you love; and the marriage may easily be thwarted, methinks, and yet Dantes need not die.
A hundred yards to my right was the gate from which the troops were evidently expected to issue, but to reach it I must pass the flank of the green warriors within easy sight of them, and, fearing that my plan to warn the Kaolians might thus be thwarted, I decided upon hastening toward the left, where another gate a mile away would give me ingress to the city.
I was also pleased you found an efficient method of ensuring keen readers like myself and my 84-year-old father-in-law, a former executive with Robertson's Jam, were not to be thwarted by the postal strike last week.
Thieves in a Cardiff community could soon be thwarted following calls to block alleyway escape routes.
Anything that intelligent people in the government put into place can be thwarted by determined, equally intelligent radical nuts.
With the ingenuity of determined invalids, one continues trying to kill the other, always to be thwarted by an unflappable nurse and their ward mate, an angry Welsh arsonist burned in his efforts to destroy English vacation houses in his homeland.