bear resemblance

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The paintings in Tal Saka, he told SANA, bear resemblance to those which were discovered in the royal palace of Zimri-Lim, king of Mari (modern Tell Hariri), an ancient kingdom located 11 km north-west of al-Bukamal city on the Euphrates river's western bank, eastern Syria.
As a matter of fact, the hacking pattern of these hackers are believed to bear resemblance to that of the North Korea hackers, as per a previous market report.
Israel maintains policies of detaining and interrogating Palestinian children that bear resemblance to the stop and frisk policy and disproportionate raids and arrests many of our youth face.
The Starks bear resemblance to the House of York who were northerners and Lannisters who are compared to the House of Lancaster, the affluent southerners.
The plan will now go out to consultation and the end result may or may not bear resemblance to what has been announced.
The incidents reported in West Wales bear resemblance to events which took place further east in the country earlier this year.
She said: "I suppose my own life does bear resemblance to Tattie's.
NORTH BROOKFIELD - It may not bear resemblance to baseball Fenway-style, but the first Silver Bat Classic promises to be an enjoyable visit to baseball's past.
Kumar also said that Kher and Dhupia are the actors best-suited for their roles, as both of them bear resemblance to the characters they are playing.
Ten years from now," she said, "the city will not even bear resemblance to the Beirut we know," she said.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency were forced to pull the plates F4 GOT and D1 KES as they bear resemblance to derogatory terms.
Those environments bear resemblance to the urban one with similar clutter challenges that can stymie traditional radar detection capabilities.