bear witness against

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There shall be no letter to bear witness against you
Walter Hahn's photograph of a statue gazing down on the devastated city was used to bear witness against the Nazis for bringing about the destruction of the very culture they championed, as evidenced by the red swastika that someone (the historical record does not indicate who) painted onto the original transparency.
If we do not change, they will bear witness against us as a church, in this life and in the world to come.
The question is which one of the two respondents did bear witness against himself?
The ninth commandment states: You shall not bear witness against your neighbor.
In a statement, Pearl's father said, ``We are convinced that our world will be strengthened and more secure when people of courage and goodwill stand together in solidarity to bear witness against terror and the anti-Semitic prejudice that killed our son.
Askew was unable or unwilling to bear witness against the suspects named by her interrogators: as she replies to the council's claim that Anne Stanhope and Joan Denny sent her money, "Whether it were true or no, I can not tell.
34) inspired him to bear witness against the campaign of "spiritual annihilation" waged to "liquidate" Soviet Jews (p.
Since so many of his friends died, Dorfman concludes that he was spared for a reason: to bear witness against evil.
And I think that this is a good place to bear witness against horrible militarism.