beast of burden

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For those storage administrators entranced by Circe's call, the transformation to beast of burden is complete.
Imagine Robinson Crusoe waking to find that he's a beast of burden on Animal Farm, and you've got the general idea.
The animal has been domesticated for 8,000 years, providing man with meat, dairy products, leather and labor as a beast of burden.
Hodges' 16 impressively large, chestnut-colored mules belie every clich[acute{e}] you've ever heard and every cartoonish stereotype you've ever seen depicting the mule as a stubborn, stupid, stocky beast of burden.
The very fact of coming in on a donkey, on a beast of burden, a humble animal, not coming in riding a fine stallion, not coming in as the conquering king but coming in as the suffering servant, as the one who knew that his mission was to be crucified, to be crucified and rejected and I think that the very humble way he came in and subsequently humbly washed the disciples' feet was I think trying to convey that his mission was a spiritual mission to address the human problem, of the sin of the human heart, rather than to come in as the great liberation hero to set the captives free, he was actually dealing with a quite different bondage that we are suffering from.
From its domestication to the present day, the camel has been essential for the Tuareg's survival, as camels are their beast of burden and also provide milk (their main source of nutrients), wool, and hair that can be spun.
To begin with, the notion of the beast contains the implicit charge that Karim was used by his former comrades, by the political party to which he once belonged as a beast of burden.
Scientists have learned to harness the power of some bacteria to our purposes; perhaps the virus will eventually become a beast of burden serving humanity.
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BEAST Of Burden could be pitched into Graded company at Newbury next Thursday as he looks to get his career over fences back on track.
AN open letter to Newcastle United: I've held my season ticket for a brief four years now, a beast of burden at times.
Com Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race with Beast Of Burden.