beast of burden

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For those storage administrators entranced by Circe's call, the transformation to beast of burden is complete.
To begin with, the notion of the beast contains the implicit charge that Karim was used by his former comrades, by the political party to which he once belonged as a beast of burden.
Nicknamed the "Ship of the Andes," the llama is used as a beast of burden to this day by Aymara and Quechua Indians in the lofty altiplano of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, but now the adapatable camelid also runs in "Llamathons," long-distance mountain races in which pack llamas, accompanied by human runners, carry fifty pound loads on their backs.
Scientists have learned to harness the power of some bacteria to our purposes; perhaps the virus will eventually become a beast of burden serving humanity.
Beast Of Burden, disappointing in the Neptune, is finished for the season but Curtis has not lost faith and believes he will develop into a cracking novice chaser next season.
30 NEPTUNE INVESTMENT NOV OV O ICES' HURDLE 2m5f CH4 7-2 Nichols Canyon, 5 Outlander, 6 Parlour Games, Windsor Park, 10 Douvan, Vyta Du Roc, 12 Ordo Ab Chao, 14 Beast Of Burden, Tell Us More, 16 Shaneshill, 20 McKinley, No More Heroes, 25 bar 2.
Com Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race with Beast Of Burden.
But that was a long time ago and since then he's been very kind and I got to sing Beast Of Burden on his stage on their tour," she added.
With increased mechanization, the animal is losing its importance as the beast of burden.
Greatest Hits, out November 13th from ABKCO/Interscope/UMe, is a must for Stones fans featuring a second brand new recording 'One More Shot', as well as classic tracks Gimme Shelter, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up, Beast of Burden, Tumbling Dice, Love Is Strong and more.
THE BEAST of burden hardly ever gets a fair treatment from humans.
The banned songs were believed to be past hits Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Beast of Burden and Let's Spend the Night Together, along with Rough Justice from the new album.