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I have first-hand experience of that spirit, having played against the Corinthian Casuals as a spiky schoolboy - when I deliberately trod on the toes of the Casuals' goalkeeper at a corner, he just smiled beatifically at me.
Rather than marinating in the vapors of hell, his disembodied head floats beatifically over a cable news-style crawl text: "What Would Marx Think?
She smiles beatifically as she contorts her body, demanding equal attention from the 5-year-olds who weren't even alive when she broke into the English-speaking charts with her 2002 hit "Whenever, Wherever," and their middle-aged parents, appealing to men and women, gay and straight.
XOCHIL, still smiling beatifically, crosses to MAD DOG and gives him a resounding slap that knocks him down.
But unless you're the president or the Pope chugging beatifically over the Eternal City, you won't be able to properly apprehend that, from the air, Hadid's latest looks like a scrum of copulating eels petrified in concrete.
He closed his eyes and smiled beatifically for about 30 seconds, apparently entering his state of communion with the higher power.
She has an effortless style, supple but poised and with enviable control as she beatifically creates one beautiful line after another with her long legs and arms - whether as swan Odette or Amy Winehouse-coiffured temptress Odile.
It opens with "Jesus to a Child," in which the lost lover is remem bered smiling beatifically, Christ-like.
Background and floor level are erased, leaving the couples dancing gleefully past and even through each other, until a faintly readable image of the film's star-struck central female figure emerges, smiling beatifically, as the implied winner of the dance contest.
In the crook of his left arm, Higgins balanced a small icon-in-progress, featuring a beardless, androgynous figure--an angel, he later explained-crowned with a golden halo, gazing beatifically upwards.
Before she did so, she stood there, beaming beatifically, while Martin introduced her.
However, Thompson, like Morley, indulges in a grisly depiction of human sacrifice at the hands of a nacom, with Bishop Landa again as the undoubted source, but Thompson tempers the horror of the scene by making it a fictional narrative in which some of the victims are purchased slaves and all but one die beatifically (1954, 189-97).