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ROBERT HENDERSON and TOM VICENTE will become senior vice presidents in charge of retirement, and Mike Scarafone will become a senior vice president in charge of health and benefits, for the Northeast region.
People now become Catholic through marriage because they choose to, Turner says.
Atlanta University School of Business becomes the first black business program to gain accreditation from the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.
Christmas giving to children had become a central rite of the season since the 1880s when toy and novelty makers successfully tapped the ethic of free and unconditional spending on children that was so effectively symbolized by Santa Claus.
For more information on how you or your organization can become a part of the FFT Foundation, visit http://www.
Meanwhile, Patrick says online courses help students become technically literate and better prepare them for the 21st century workforce where they'll be using a variety of technologies on a daily basis.
Terri Schiavo's tragedy has become a national tragedy.
As a result, compliance has become a catalyst for many ILM initiatives.
As New York Times veteran Chris Hedges explained in his book, War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, war correspondents tend to become addicted to their subjects, and Anderson seems no exception.
BLYTH Community College to become an 11-19 secondary school; Bebside, Tynedale, Delaval and Wensleydale middles to close; Horton Grange, Malvins Close, Morpeth Road, New Delaval, Plessey Road, South Beach and Croftway first schools to become primaries on their existing sites; Newsham First and Princess Louise First to combine to form a primary at Newsham.
I believe that one must take societal processes into consideration if one is to explain the phenomenon of Pop art," Kracauer opined, for "we live today in a society that has become indefinable.
15) Campbell participated in many ordinations of men who would become pastors in these new churches.