become broad

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Three hundred days in the year, at least, he crossed over to the hotel in Furnival's Inn for his dinner, and after dinner crossed back again, to make the most of these simplicities until it should become broad business day once more, with P.
He returned to Birmingham a decade later to live in a mansion on the country lane to Halesowen, later to become Broad Street.
One more win to collect before those smiles can become broad and free.
CIOs are under pressure to become broad visionaries and develop risk management skill sets outside their traditional domain," explains Mark Layton, global leader of enterprise risk services for Deloitte & Touche.
Become broad minded and open to new ideas, so you can surround yourself with positive people who have set and achieved their goals.
Identify what you want to change about your behaviour and that of others, and become broad minded and open to new ideas.
The silences between the notes become broad and inclusive, creating a code of neurolinguistic experience.
From at least the later 17th century, the windy Sheepcote Lane went from what would become Broad Street along the modern Sheepcote Street, St Vincent Street and Summer Hill Street to the Sandpits.
SOX vendors are quickly expanding their tools to become broad enterprise risk and compliance management platforms.
My canny carrots develop "the fly", the crisp, comforting, cabbage suddenly seems to stop its progress, the broad beans don't become broad.
The radical idea curried favour with city officials and so Broad Street will become Broad Bean Street, the Mailbox will be known as the Lunchbox and the Bullring will be the Prawnring.
Parker Bowles' furious scowls at photographers have become broad smiles and she's begun to dress more fashionably.