become free

See: escape
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For the uninitiated, it's about consciously deciding what actions to perform while in a dream state, exploring a dream space, and learning how to become free of waking-state limitations to evoke creativity and make the most of hidden or subconscious abilities.
Tracey Commins TOP TREND: Parking at Northumberland country parks is set to become free.
Former Downing Street pensions adviser Ros Altmann says the service should be in place by April, when people become free to spend their pension pots.
Securing the survival of the club comes first but Locke wants attention paid to the fact the likes of Jamie MacDonald, Jamie Hamill, Dylan McGowan and Jason Holt will become free agents this summer.
FREEPHONE numbers are to become free from mobiles under a major overhaul to make telephone call charges and dialling codes clearer, regulator Ofcom has confirmed.
Westwood, who may end his Major drought and take home the Claret Jug given that he has a two-shot lead, has said that he is confident of winning his first Major on Sunday and become free of his tag as golf's 'Nearly Man', the Mirror reports.
Since the start of the year, 190 emergency patien ts have waited for 12 hours or more for a hospital bed to become free so they can be admitted.
While I would have gladly given way to the driver, I had to wait for the right lane to become free.
We unscrewed one side of the top of the window to provide the space for the teenager to become free.
The conflict has shaken South Africa, a country which successfully freed itself from apartheid-era laws, but has still not managed to become free from its legacy of economic disparities between whites and blacks.
BASRA / Aswat al-Iraq: Basra has become free from elements of al-Qaeda network after arresting all its members, chief of the Basra police said on Tuesday.
Most of the stars at Dens will become free agents in the summer but Smith can't make them any offers until he knows his budget for the next campaign.