become heir to

See: accede, succeed
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When an insurance agency or brokerage firm buys another firm or some of its business, the acquiring firm may become heir to the purchased company's liabilities, along with its customer lists.
According to the Gulf News, Prince Nayef, who was named second deputy prime minister in 2009, a job usually given to the third-in-line to the throne, is likely to become heir to the throne after the death of Crown Prince Sultan.
Saudi Arabia's powerful interior minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, is now likely to become heir to the throne after the death of Crown Prince Sultan.
Little does he know he is being trained for his own future, where he will become heir to and uphold the responsibilities of carrying on the feud of many generations -- or try to stop it.
And if a baby girl were to be born to Prince William, she would become heir to throne.
Mehmet had a keen interest in all things classical, Christian, and European; after all, by conquering Byzantium he had become heir to the Caesars.
The Navy would then become heir to the long-range strike mission that the Air Force seems unwilling to take seriously.
And now after the tragic death of low-carb guru, Robert Atkins, MD, his popular medical practice has become heir to key staff and patients of the famed Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine.
Through archive film, Royal commentators and historians, this documentary examines the future for the young prince as he waits to become heir to the throne and king.
Henry had become heir to the Tennant fortune after his elder brother Charles was disinherited and died from drugs, while the youngest brother Christopher was crippled in a car crash.
Though he has four brothers and three sisters and is the secondoldest of the clan, Mr Norton has become heir to the tribal throne as his eldest brother Koffi has his own business in Nigeria and cannot devote his time to the family's affairs.
18] These results seem consistent: witnesses had no reason to suggest that a distant relative should become heir to the estate, but they may have reminded testa tors to include legacies for their servants and other distant persons.