become liable

See: guarantee
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By January 1 2005, when retailers become liable for fraud taking place on credit and debit cards, more than 40,000 cash machines will be upgraded.
Under the proposed legislation, online message boards would have the same status as letters to the editor pages of newspapers, and owners of the message boards would become liable for their content, according to Europemedia.
After they turn 22, if they choose to stop their studies and go to work, they will become liable either for military induction or for a year of national service in areas like health, welfare or rescue services.
If organizations do not follow the specified procedures for documenting that their transactions are conducted at arm's length and do not ensure that no conflicts of interest exist in the approval process, both the recipient of the benefit and the managers of the organization could become liable for significant sanctions.
Since there was no sales contract, the seller cannot be deemed to have defaulted so as to become liable for the broker's commission.
The employer can become liable for sexual harassment based on the "known or should have known" principle.
If the council refused the politically unpalatable option of approving major electric rate increases, the city could theoretically become liable, Lynch said.
If the defunct corporation was simply an alter ego, agent or instrument of its shareholders, or if it was inadequately capitalized, the shareholders become liable for the debts of the corporation.
This concept is totally unrealistic," the letter read, arguing that if contractors guaranteed their work, they would suddenly become liable "for problems caused by faulty design or material specifications and other factors.
It must discover the error within 90 days or it will become liable to the bank for any loss that the bank can prove was incurred as a result of the delay in notification.
Find out what they do with the dross waste after they reclaim it--you could become liable for what happens to it," he said.
LOS ANGELES -- Prospective buyers of the Wilshire Plaza Hotel should be aware that, upon purchase, they will become liable for 45 charges of unfair labor practices brought against the hotel by the federal government.