become liable for

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The Council of Mortgage Lenders, which speaKs for all the major lenders, has said: "The failure to index stamp duty thresholds in line with house price inflation means that a growing proportion of transactions become liable for stamp duty, and an increasing number are captured in higher bands.
But if a couple is married, one same-sex spouse may become liable for the debts of the other," he said.
This means around four million more people, including owners of an average home across many areas of Britain, could become liable for inheritance tax.
This, along with the fact Beckham will not live in France for longer than six months, ensures he will not become liable for a 1.
The law is primarily being framed for cycle rickshaws which could become liable for fines and punishments depending on the degree of their offences.
6) 22 Crop such as maize (4) 24 Prayer, - - - Maria (3) 25 Denies (7) 26 Purchaser (5) 27 Become liable for (5) 28 Open tract (5) 29 Income (7) 30 Uncanny (5) 31 Practical joke (5) 2 Close-up feature (6) 3 Small (6) 4 Explosive (1,1,1) 5 Wee child (5) 6 Circus performer (7) 7 Artificially coloured (4) 8 Starting point (6) 12 Macduff's neighbour (5) 13 Third Greek letter (5) 14 Untied (5) 15 Leg of mutton (5) 16 Tilts (5) 18 Grass cutter (5) 19 Tempted (7) 21 Olympic athlete, - - - Murray (6) 22 Visitor (6) 23 Administration area (6) 25 Not in a month of Sundays
This bulletproof cohort has managed to avoid paying through sneaky loopholes, offshore bank accounts and using private jets to fly out of the country before they become liable for tax.
However I'm getting married in six months' time, and wondered if my future husband will become liable for my debts in any way?
The Government is acting to change the regulations so that accident victims become liable for their legal costs when they win a case.
With a change in the chargeable amount for each financial year, along with a major shift in some of the relief thresholds for 2011/12, business rate charges are set to increase for many and some vacant properties will become liable for business rates for the first time in recent years.
The threshold for which properties become liable for empty business rates is due to drop drastically on April 1 from a rateable value of pounds 18,000 to just pounds 2,600.
At the same line, the JUA would become liable for New Hampshire business taxes.