become operative

See: arise, occur
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According to the Financial Chronicle, the account could become operative in two months.
It may be mentioned here that NHA was establishing one trauma centre at Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, and two Trauma Centres at Lahore-Islamabad Motorways, which will become operative in next 4 to 6 months.
The Company also announced the execution of a supplemental indenture adopting certain amendments to the indenture under which the Debentures were issued that will become operative at the time set forth therein.
A determination that paragraph (1), (2), (3), <begin strikethrough>or<end strikethrough> (4) or (5) of this resolution shall not become operative shall be made only when it clearly appears that, because of exceptional or unusual circumstances, it would be inequitable to permit such automatic disciplinary action <begin strikethrough>suspension or termination<end strikethrough>.
This strategy will illuminate whether the same neural mechanisms for acquiring verbal knowledge operate in immature and mature brains, or whether different mechanisms become operative at the different stages of life.
The two-terabit cable will become operative in March.
Although the new charter was adopted on June 8, most of its provisions do not become operative until July 1, 2000, by which time the ordinances implementing the charter must be enacted.
If the required consents are received, the general conditions are satisfied, and the merger with WPS Resources is consummated, it is anticipated that Integrys will fully and unconditionally guarantee the Notes, at which time the proposed amendments to Peoples Energy's Indenture would become operative.
Although the Supplemental Indenture became effective when it was executed by the Companies, the guarantors party thereto and the trustee, the Amendments will not become operative until the opening of business on the day that the Companies pay for tendered Notes.
The extent to which the plate tilted as it was raised provided a clear sign that an attractive Casimir force had become operative, the scientists say.
The proposed amendments and waivers will not become operative until the closing of the merger.
The amendments concerning the 9 3/4% Senior Notes will not become operative until the 9 3/4% Senior Notes are accepted for purchase in accordance with the terms of the tender offer.