become visible

References in classic literature ?
In that flash, continents, seas, and forests had become visible to them.
Only by being reflected from objects do it and the objects become visible.
Now the cloud of dust he had seen was raised by two great droves of sheep coming along the same road in opposite directions, which, because of the dust, did not become visible until they drew near, but Don Quixote asserted so positively that they were armies that Sancho was led to believe it and say, "Well, and what are we to do, senor?
If the dead do, under any circumstances, become visible to the living, these are such likely surroundings for the purpose that I, the living, will get out of them as soon as I can.
He also shared that two super- moon will be visible this month; the next month will become visible on January 31.
The vapor tracers should become visible from New York to North Carolina, and westward to Charlottesville Virginia.
0, and pictures related to the tracks become visible on the TV screen.
Using a hydrophobic substance, they sprayed designs on the sidewalk that become visible only when wet.
Peter's Square that if each one of them does not amass riches only for oneself, but half for the service of others, in this f-k, in this case, the providence of God is going to become visible through this gesture of solidarity, News.
Talking to a private TV channel, DG Met Office Arif Mehmood said that Eid moon would become visible in the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan.
The input devices and display systems may become visible when illuminated from behind through micro-perforated holes that are invisible to the naked eye".
They appear with increasing age, as a loss of collagen thins the skin so the veins become visible.