become void

See: cease, expire, lapse
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Nasrallah said the rules of engagement have become void after the "operations of Quneitra and Shebaa Farms .
Six Edinburgh saunas currently have public entertainment licences - the same held by bars and nightclubs - but they will become void in 28 days.
In case the apex court upholds the HC verdict, all probes being done by the CBI will become void and accused are entitled to be discharged.
If rejected by the National Assembly, they become void.
Speaking ton Sunday, Javad Jahangirzadeh pointed to the new round of talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) in Moscow and stressed all sanctions and resolutions adopted against Iran should become void.
Therefore all bets placed on those races become void.
Anti-competitive agreements become void and unenforceable, with the parties facing significant fines - up to 10% of turnover - together with damages claims and the inevitable adverse publicity.
Motorists should be aware that many car insurance policies become void if the car is stolen as a result of the keys being left in the ignition.
Insurance may become void, or cover reduced, in such cases.
These policies become void when someone takes to the wheel when drunk.
Typically, a government check carries a life limitation printed on the front warning that it will become void after a specified number of days.
Koizumi said that although the resolution for reforming the Security Council that Japan submitted with Germany, Brazil and India as the so-called Group of Four has become void, the efforts made thus far have not been wasted and will serve as a basis for further endeavors on the issue, the official said.