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Industry experts indicate that the future of Linux is becoming more pervasive as the operating system can also be incorporated directly into microchips in a process called "embedding" and is increasingly being used this way in appliances and devices.
Virtual tape systems that have become a part of mainframe systems that routinely improve cartridge utilization (by allocating multiple virtual tape volumes on a single cartridge) are becoming necessary for non-mainframe systems.
With my baby brother no longer a baby, becoming someone else's big sister is nice,'' she said.
If, as ecologists think, a fish's primary goal is to reproduce as often as possible, then becoming a male makes a lot of sense.
Beloved seeks 'the join' (213) to become what Sethe says she is, her best self; she draws off Sethe all that is vital until she is "pregnant" with Sethe, becoming the mother.
The author believes that an environment conducive to the development of the Chinese animation industry has been securely formed; and that since the industry chain is becoming increasingly mature, the industry will start developing rapidly after several years of adjustment.
Preparation is your best chance of achieving your goal of becoming an athletic director.
The shortage of trained storage specialists is becoming more serious and no university offers a degree in storage or storage management as of yet.
The basic steps to becoming MBEs should not be ignored.
Manifestation as a form can move toward becoming a totality system, a whole, that presumes to offer a complete account of all reality.
By the 1920s, urban America was steadily becoming a culinary smorgasbord (a clich[acute{e}] which Gabaccia avoids using), with diverse ethnic groups borrowing their neighbors' foods.
Harold Robbins, an orphan who became a millionaire at 20 then lost it all before becoming the author of steamy novels including ``The Carpetbaggers'' and ``Never Love a Stranger,'' died Tuesday.