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Most wounded turkeys can't fly into trees to roost, so they just walk off into the woods and bed down.
Candidates such as Stravinsky's Rite of SpringThe work should be pleasant but uncomfortable for those looking to bed down.
After cultivating several flower and vegetable beds, I've learned something about the soil here with its bands of light and dark clay, the legacy of the dry creek bed down the street.
However, time should be given for this to be implemented and for XBRL to bed down, so that mandatory filing in XBRL should be deferred until 2010.
Hiring the helicopter again a little later, Rihanna landed back in London to bed down in Claridge's, before flying back out again.
Sadly, the licence fee doesn't cover the Beeb sending out the presenter of your choice to turn your bed down and put a mint on the pillow, but they are taking us behind the scenes at one of London's most famous hotels, Claridge's.
I watched him bed down from the stand the morning of Oct.
Chris Simmins, Surrey Make it last revision Let's hope the revised whip rules bed down as quickly as everyone hopes and this is the last we hear of this saga.
We are in a tough league, everyone is out to get us and our side is trying to bed down - but we are still top.
If you're so inclined, you can hoof it to the top of 10,804-foot San Jacinto Peak, bed down in a backpacker's campground, take on a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail, or embark on a long-range ramble, hiking over the spine of the mountains and down the west side to Idyllwild.
RAKE up rose leaves as soon as they drop off so that diseased spores don't have a chance to bed down in the soil for the winter, ready to infect the new shoots when they emerge in spring.
The radionuclide removal process utilizes a radium selective complexer resin (DOWEX RSC) as manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") in a packed bed down flow pressurized adsorption system.