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Alicia had checked into her hotel, but GaGa got them to turn off the ignition and bedded down for the night.
The pair were joined on the sleep-out by William's secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, and bedded down on cardboard boxes in an alleyway just after midnight last Wednesday.
A HOMELESS man who bedded down in a public bin escaped being crushed to death by inches.
Bedded down in the spruce grove, / where the howling winds don't blow.
Even after Castro nationalized industries and bedded down with the Soviets, Matthews remained convinced Fidel was not a communist.
With its share/management restructure with Dragonair bedded down, Cathay Pacific Airways moved quickly to expand its freighter fleet with an order for six 747-400ERFs that takes up all the remaining slots for the standard 747.
Alas, the tiger was already bedded down for the night, but the littlest campers were still keenly interested as they peered in through the heavy steel bars.
Wannabe glamour girl Michelle and loudmouth Emma bedded down in their less-than-salubrious surroundings after they received the most public votes in last night's fake double eviction.
So 15 of them, girls and boys, took along their sleeping bags and bedded down for the night at Longnewton Youth Club.
After spending the night bedded down with deadly sin, they go to celebrate Mass.
I'm pleased with the way the track has bedded down since it was relaid," said Stadia UK's Bill Glass.