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While the sky pirate leader was full of life, his mother had been sickly and constantly bedridden.
IMMOBILE: Because of his condition, Othman Al-Arkani has been bedridden for years.
SIMON Cowell had to pull out of his own charity event last night - because he is bedridden with flu.
Contract notice: Delivery of operational and bed linen and clothing for bedridden patients for the needs of university hospital "st.
Bedridden Pamela Hudson, 75, was covered in blood after something attacked her left arm as she slept.
In a rambling letter sent with the card, Brady admitted he has been bedridden for months.
A Pakistani painter in Abu Dhabi who is bedridden after an accidental fall is seeking help for medical treatment and repatriation, XPRESS has learnt.
The 97-year-old former commander of the Turkish army is bedridden and suffering from memory loss and is receiving treatment for the disease, according to reports.
Rachel Richardson was convicted of taking PS500 from her 79-year-old victim, who was disabled and bedridden.
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, pictured, was found bedridden, surrounded by his family in their grand home in an up-market part of Tripoli.
Also on weekends if you bedridden or cannot get down to the shop you cannot get a newspaper or magazine to read which can make the weekend seem even longer.
CDATA[ The Ometz organization wants to know why the government is still paying for Ariel Sharons car and driver, given that he is bedridden.