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We also need to focus on our deteriorating relations with our eastern neighbour, before an accident or tactical misadventure befalls us.
In two cables to the Speaker of the Bahraini Council of Representatives Ahmad Al-Mulla and to the Chairman of the Bahraini Shura Council Ali Al-Saleh, Al-Ghanim expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the blast, noting that "any tragedy that befalls Bahrain is a similar one befalling Kuwait.
Allah says: "Whatever of good befalls you, it is from Allah; and whatever of ill befalls you, it is from yourself.
What evolves is nothing less than a struggle for world-wide survival and what befalls the two who fight for their lives and kingdom will eventually befall everything.
Patriarch Yaziji preached a peaceful solution to the conflict and saluted the Lebanese people and regime saying what befalls them befalls the Syrians.
Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the son of the earth.
The number of giant killings has been fantastic to see and though it hurts when it happens to you, you can't help but laugh when the fate befalls someone else.
When some ill befalls us we still have a choice concerning our attitude toward it.
You'd think Summer Bay residents would realise by now that disaster befalls any trip, but still they go camping, with potentially fatal consequences for Finn.
But after the engaging, unputdownable first novel, it is difficult to care what befalls the family here or in the future.