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Such are the things that befall princes of this earth, my father.
Why, thou wilt make it well-nigh impossible through not being a knight nor having any desire to be one, nor possessing the courage nor the will to avenge insults or defend thy lordship; for thou must know that in newly conquered kingdoms and provinces the minds of the inhabitants are never so quiet nor so well disposed to the new lord that there is no fear of their making some move to change matters once more, and try, as they say, what chance may do for them; so it is essential that the new possessor should have good sense to enable him to govern, and valour to attack and defend himself, whatever may befall him.
Yes; thought I, gloomily, he has secured his own escape, and cares not what calamity may befall his unfortunate comrade.
When people are well known to each other, they talk rather of what befalls them externally, leaving their feelings and sentiments to be inferred.
If anything befalls him his blood will be required at my hands.
And His will is governed only by infinite love for us, and so whatever befalls us is for our good.
In that way Lydgate put the question-- not quite in the way required by the awaiting answer; but such missing of the right word befalls many seekers.
I am pretty well able to take care of myself, and were I not, the Waziri who will accompany me will see that no harm befalls me.
And I repeat, they are gamblers, and they will deserve all that befalls them.
Go," he said, "back to the village of Mbonga, and Tarzan will follow to see that no harm befalls you.
Why, truly, madam,' said I 'that matter stands as I wish it did not, and I shall be very sincere with you in it, whatever befalls me for it.
The heart does not more love the heart that loves it than the brain loves the brain that comprehends it; and, whatever else was to befall us, Nicolete and I were already in love with each other's brains.