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I am to receive a handsome fee--two hundred and fifty dollars--as befits the man who, though a radical, once ran for governor.
That is the place I came from,' he said, 'and it's where it befits that my boy should return.
To be ignored of any one of the following four or five principles does not befit a warlike prince.
Truly," quoth Robin, holding up his arms and looking down at himself, "I do think it be somewhat of a gay, gaudy, grasshopper dress; but it is a pretty thing for all that, and doth not ill befit the turn of my looks, albeit I wear it but for the nonce.
Here be lilies in the cheeks, and not roses such as befit a bonny bride.
The rubber was conducted with all that gravity of deportment and sedateness of demeanour which befit the pursuit entitled
AS BEFITS the season of nativity plays there came before the people a performance of angelic brilliance from Sam Waley-Cohen.
I, as befits someone from our region, was suited up.
Architecture was not just a physical means to functional ends; it helped to forge the bank's identity and position in national consciousness, as befits an institution that was inventing new forms of credit and financing that were increasingly taking the concept of money into ever more esoteric realms.
The new space is bright and airy which befits an organization that supports parks.
The tone is mostly light and humorous, with a few dark touches, as befits the fairy-tale world.
Thus, those who achieve benefits from the infrastructure and client point of service mapping (and data related to each type of mapping) have access to it in a way that befits their responsibilities to the corporation in a user-friendly interface designed for their technical ability and data access needs.