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dispel some of the clouds of ignorance, prejudice, shame, and hypocrisy that befog the public discussion of sex in America generally and in the American legal system in particular.
general in NATO, is a terrorist defender and there is nothing to befog here, to explore in depth, to mince words with any kind of professional defense.
He duly regarded the Ghajar issue as part of a conspiracy against Hizbullah warning that his party would deal with the issue as merely orchestrated by the Americans and the Israelis to befog world public opinion.
The rest of us are left with this utterly flawed and protracted docudrama starring a woefully miscast William Hurt, whose persistent simpering as Hanssen suggests he could barely string together a pair of compellingly rendered sentences, let alone befog American intelligence for more than two decades.
They have sought to discredit and befog these trials.