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It is even my sorrow," said he who had befriended him.
Instead, he wandered about the deserted buildings and grounds, befriended and misunderstood by the servants and gardeners, reading much, it is remembered, spending his days in the fields or before the fire-place with his nose poked always in the pages of some book.
Read it, and--" she checked herself, even in her anger she was incapable of speaking ungenerously to the old man who had so warmly befriended her.
My temper has been softened, since I have befriended you in your troubles.
James of Compostella, who hath already befriended us this day, and on whose feast I hereby vow that I shall eat a second carp, if he will but interpose a second time.
When the man so helped has money again, depend upon it that a portion will be spent across the bar of the saloon-keeper who befriended him.
To help the Lord Treasurer out of his difficulty one of the great men who had already befriended Addison suggested him as a suitable writer.
Dorothy, too, remembered some of the people, who had befriended her on the occasion of her first visit to Oz, and they were well pleased to see the little Kansas girl again, and showered her with compliments and good wishes.
He would kill anyone who befriended me, for fear that I might become another's.
You have not befriended an ungrateful woman," she said.
It was a natural and delightful impulse of yours to bring the man who had befriended you, and who was your companion in that disaster, straight to your own home for treatment and care.
A CROOKED builder who befriended and then fleeced an elderly Birmingham widow out of her PS28,500 life savings has been jailed for 21 months.