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Get Happy is about a perpetually miserable man who finds happiness when he starts dating a manic pixie dream girl, to the befuddlement of his cynical best friend.
When Kyle's younger brother, passing him on a Tarmac in Iraq, curses the war, Kyle looks him at with genuine befuddlement.
30pm e' Bbg We've come to know TV Burp host Harry Hill for big collars, statement glasses, and a general air of befuddlement.
At the very least, their use of the same, neutral-sounding words serves to make the teacher's shock and befuddlement less convincing as an ethical stance.
Still, many of these critiques, well-meaning and intentioned though they be, suffer--not invariably, you understand, but often enough to warrant deep concern--from a certain, how to say, befuddlement.
Answers usually range from astonishment or befuddlement to defensiveness and protest.
The rise of Bitcoin has been a source of both befuddlement and promise from tech entrepreneurs and investors alike.
Two or more new launch pads would send booming missiles into space every so many weeks, if plans should work out, to the consternation of existing wildlife, and to the befuddlement of two-legged animals carrying binocs, tackle or nothing more than a desire for quietude.
Just as intelligence gatherers must sift information, question motives, penetrate cover stories--travel from befuddlement to enlightenment--readers who enter le Carre's world find themselves on the periphery of a need-to-know culture, an environment where secrets and misinformation are the norm.
She cuts to the big heads of various perplexed individuals in her Rabelaisian crowds, their faces confronting us with comic moods of befuddlement, anxiety, boredom, and distraction.
It not only takes into account the complete befuddlement written large on the face of the batsman, but also the descriptions of commentators Richie Benaud and Jonathan Agnew, after which Haigh launches into a description of how the delivery was a perfect example of the guile and mystery of spin bowling.
11 -- Once again, the stage is set for Apple and Samsung to lock their horns in the patent arena, much to the befuddlement of respective fans - and haters - of the two companies alike.