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These dogs, it must be allowed, were of more use than the beggary curs of cities.
The horrible thought of want and beggary drove her once to think she would go back to her uncle and aunt and ask them to forgive her and have pity on her.
I found,' said the single gentleman, 'you most unaccountably, in possession of everything that had so recently belonged to another man, and that other man, who up to the time of your entering upon his property had been looked upon as affluent, reduced to sudden beggary, and driven from house and home.
Doctor Mohsin a follower from Bara Kahu said that unwanted sellers frustrated the devotees from the Bari bus stop to the entrance of the shrine forcing soft minded to pay alms, unintentionally encouraging the curse of beggary.
Industrial Area Circle made 452 arrests in the campaign against beggary.
The move is commendable in the sense that the government has deemed it important enough that the children must receive education through its own schools, however, it needs to assure that the children continue to enjoy the same facilities as before, such as the stipend, so that they do not resort back to beggary on the roads.
Mully is the story of a great African hero, Dr Charles Mulli, an orphan who lived a beggary life but through hard work and faith in God, became a millionaire.
On the occasion, Javed Panji pointed out problems pertaining to presence of unregistered Afghan refugees, traffic mess, beggary, presentation of record timely to them of under-trial cases, wheelie, following of route permit and underage driving needed early resolution.
The Cabinet, in a weekly session led by Premier Emad Khamis, also decided to put legislation on combating the beggary phenomenon, and punishing the beggar's operators, in addition to spreading awareness of the phenomena's dangers through Ministries of Education, Information, and Religious Endowments.
Anti beggary drive would continue with full swings in all parts of the city to weed out this evil practice, he added.
In this latter event innocent people have been killed, others hospitalised and reduced to beggary, having been made bereft of their homes and possessions in minutes in a real-life version of a disaster movie.
It must be dealt with accordingly because such form of service falls within the ambit of beggary.