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Yes," said Dorothy, "you do very well, for a beginner.
He must have forgotten that part of his duty--or being only a beginner, he may well have been ignorant of it altogether.
In his attempted reformation of English metrical irregularity Wyatt, in his sonnets, shows only the uncertain hand of a beginner.
At that time I was a beginner at the Bar and often met him in the corridors of examining magistrates, when I had gone to get a "permit to communicate" for the prison of Mazas, or for Saint-Lazare.
As a matter of fact, "Thus Spake Zarathustra", though it is unquestionably Nietzsche's opus magnum, is by no means the first of Nietzsche's works that the beginner ought to undertake to read.
You'll do, for a beginner," Hall cried, slapping him jovially on the bare shoulder.
And these were the routine steps, too, that would be taken as a matter of course by the merest beginner.
I think the man, who is certainly the master here, is but a new beginner in wickedness.
Pretty well, I think, for a beginner,' remarked Mr.
It was good practice, he said, and when the beginners improved, anyone would pay.
Wyeth was immediately for pursuing them, rifle in hand, but saw evident signs of dissatisfaction in his half-breed hunters; who considered him as trenching upon their province, and meddling with things quite above his capacity; for these veterans of the wilderness are exceedingly pragmatical, on points of venery and woodcraft, and tenacious of their superiority; looking down with infinite contempt upon all raw beginners.
The steep shores of the Mediterranean favoured the beginners in one of humanity's most daring enterprises, and the enchanting inland sea of classic adventure has led mankind gently from headland to headland, from bay to bay, from island to island, out into the promise of world-wide oceans beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

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