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Under the new law, for tax years beginning after 2005, the Kiddie Tax applies to children not attaining age 18 before the close of the tax year if either parent is alive at the end of that year and the child does not file a joint return for that year.
SB 31, Laws 2005, accelerated the 100% sales factor formula to be effective for tax years beginning after June 30, 2005.
Igneous Rock Associations--Five articles also have been published in this series, beginning in 2003 (v.
The report follows Delta's decision to cut unrestricted domestic fares by up to 50% beginning 5 January.
Typically, students play through a piece from beginning to end until they have achieved a superficial tactile memory.
In a separate operation, called Eastern Washdown, beginning March 26, the three ships anchored in stream and discharged more than 200 vehicles via Landing Craft Air Cushion to a beach head six kilometers south of Mesaieed.
So in the beginning it was for the laity--not just for priests?
It turned out to be the beginning of discovering the "foreign" part of myself, letting go of my old identity as it speeded away on those rigid railroad tracks and allowing the unknown, and therefore scary, experience of the East to penetrate me.
Most significant, beginning in 1997, the Act creates a three-year window during which individuals with large accumulations in qualified plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs) may receive distributions without having to pay the 15-percent excise tax on "excess distributions.
Beginning with Carter pollster Patrick Caddell, those people began to seek credit for their work--to show that they were pulling the marionette's strings.
Indeed, beginning in 1689, the mine employed a priest to hold daily masses in one of the earliest excavated salt chambers.

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