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Foster divides responses to Ireland's boom in the new millennium into two types, Begrudgers and Boosters.
I thought the ratings on The Voice were high enough without having to give begrudgers their moment in the limelight.
What few begrudgers remained could only admire the tactical nous he showed when pinching that race from the front and winning his first Classic.
In a Cork City home game against Sligo Rovers, he stuck it to the begrudgers by flooring the then champions 3-1 to briefly stop the rot.
And women need to feel empowered that they are in charge of their lives and bodies and to hell with the begrudgers.
There are plenty who don't care for O'Leary's style, but even the most resolute begrudgers respect his achievements.
To make matters worse she then blasted the Irish people for being a nation of begrudgers.
You'll always have begrudgers, probably because they didn't have the strength of character to put their own neck on the t have put e chopping block.
It's like any other area in life, you get begrudgers so you surround yourself by people who you get on with the most.
BEGRUDGERS This group (seven per cent) hate cleaning and are happy to leave the house in a mess, and neglect rooms they rarely use.