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He originally claimed that his plans would only affect the elite few, but the Law Society begs to differ.
Lois Gibbs' New Campaign Urges Caution on Toxic Chemicals," Currents, July/August 2003) begs to differ.
org, a Web site devoted to studying images of lesbians and gays coming from Madison Avenue, begs to differ.
YOU MAY FEEL your compensation is only a fraction of what you deserve as CEO, but the AFL-CIO begs to differ.
This reviewer begs to differ, not only less modestly on the basis of his own work, but also that of Lucia Sandri, Giulia Calvi, Ottavia Niccoli, and Konrad Eisenbichler, all of whom over the past decade have departed significantly from exclusive focus on the parent-child relationship in Italian Renaissance history, and who have looked at the wider context of the treatment of children in the workshop, the extended family, the school, and in both legal and social institutions.