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After controlling for characteristics such as gender, language, and education, they found that age was the only factor that affected the ability to behave randomly.
If they are being recognised as well behaved, then that's always a good thing as it makes them want to continue to behave positively.
In such situations, the only way to get along is to strive to behave in a manner acceptable to the people around you.
Take the time to check out the Scottish dog laws and, before you are ordered to get your dog under control, enroll in classes to help you keep your dog calm and allow it to behave in a manner that makes everyone happy.
When people belong to one another, linked by trusting relationships, adopt positive values borne out of strong belief and behave according to those values, we begin to see human flourishing and healthy communities.
However, they will never learn how to behave in this setting if they are not exposed to it.
A 65-YEAR-OLD bus driver who takes children to and from schools in Cardiff said he has been forced to pull over to tell kids to behave before he has been able to drive on safely.
It couldn't have been much fun for his parents but they allowed him to behave in this manner.
2 : to act in a proper or acceptable way <Tell them to behave.
November 22 has been pinpointed as the date in which the nation's kids, with an eye on Santa's naughty list, behave best.
MEET sexy sword-swallower Miss Behave - one of only three women in the world who perform this death-defying feat.
Goats that are not taught how to behave when they are young will have an unruly and "goat-like" temperament towards people when they are older.