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I would have been ashamed of her coming here and behaving as if the house belonged to her
I don't mean how is he in health, but how is he going on: how is he behaving himself?
He saw that she was behaving unbecomingly, and considered it his duty to tell her so.
His own impression on such occasions was that he was behaving with consummate tact.
Could it be that he was behaving badly toward Claire?
They will remember the time when they get rewarded for behaving and subconsciously, they will aim to keep doing the same good things they got rewarded for.
But when I wasn't at work, I wasn't behaving the way you should.
It is infuriating to all those lazy, shameless scroungers living on generous hand-outs from the tax-payers behaving in a loutish manner.
So restrictions are put in place, almost stifling some dogs into actually behaving badly.
Chisora said: "Right now I am behaving myself, after the fight I will try to behave myself but in the ring I'm not going to behave myself.
Those who have sat nervously on a plane - perhaps with their children on a family flight - when other passengers have been behaving badly, will wonder whether airports and airlines could do more to prevent frightening flashpoints.
IN SOME church circles belonging, believing and behaving are well known phases of the journey towards becoming a mature follower of Jesus Christ.