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The 1Box Series leverages Finjan's unique patented application-level behavior blocking technology to deliver Day-Zero defense against known as well as unknown attacks.
Application level behavior blocking is the leading technology designed to immunize systems from both known and unknown vulnerabilities and exploits; viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other threats", concluded Mr.
Finjan's patented behavior blocking engine will protect computer users from similar future vulnerabilities and comparable potential exploits.
Finjan's Vital Security(TM) for SSL closes that loophole and when used with Vital Security(TM) for Web, organizations also close the window of vulnerability by protecting against new, previously unknown attacks concealed in HTTPS/SSL communications, using application level behavior blocking technology.
The APS-100 product from Stratum8 uses behavior blocking technology to protect against application level security gaps, even without previous knowledge of the vulnerability.
These gateway solutions are first to market with features that include instant messaging management; behavior blocking and profiling of executable files; advanced anti-spam "learning" capabilities; FTP upload scanning for viruses; advanced e-mail quarantine options; logging and reporting based on multiple terabytes of data; and integration of additional third party products.
Finjan products close the Window of Vulnerability -- the period of time spanning when a new virus outbreak occurs until an anti-virus update is delivered -- through its patented behavior inspection technology, also known as behavior blocking.

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