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Belaud started sixth but made up lots of ground and moved into third place after the second shoot, where Lesun began to drift back.
Belaud, Daniel, Francois Vergniolle de Chantal and Alex Waddan
Frenchman Valentin Belaud, who is currently ranked No.
6 Alexsandr Lesun of Russia and also last's year's silver medalist in Doha and now ranked nine Valentin Belaud of France.
The defending champions will be hard pressed to retain their titles: Hungary's Sarolta Kovacs faces renewed competition from legendary Olympic champions Laura Asadauskaite (LTU) and Lena Schoeneborn (GER) among others while Valentin Belaud will be up against the ultra-consistent Pavlo Tymoshchenko (UKR) and the 2016 Olympic champion, Alexander Lesun (RUS).
O blatant Magazines, regard me rather-- Since I blush to belaud myself a moment-- As some rare little rose, a piece of inmost Horticultural art, or half coquette-like Maiden, not to be greeted unbenignly.
Set off by brazen dashes, the poem's most conspicuously superfluous line fractally stages the trick of other-conscious self-awareness from which the entire metrical-social contract proceeds: "Since I blush to belaud myself a moment.
He then shot superbly during the shoot and run relay to shore up his position and ensure that he kept a pushing Frenchman Valentin Belaud at bay.
Champion Patrick Dogue (centre) of Germany poses on the podium with silver medallist Valentin Belaud (left) of France and third-placed Robert Kasza of Hungary after the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) Champion of Champions at the Al Shaqab arena, yesterday.