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Whenever I drive my car, I never once think of myself as a poor beleaguered motorist.
A few positive developments have emerged that may help the beleaguered U.
But Tuesday night everything came together for the JetHawks, even their beleaguered bullpen, in a 6-4 victory over the Lake Elsinore Storm in front of 893 at Lancaster Municipal Stadium.
Zionists have used the Holocaust, since the 1967 war, to justify further Israeli expansion into Palestinian land and to build support for a beleaguered Israel (more beleaguered--as David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, predicted--once it occupied the West Bank and Gaza).
But investors were buoyed by an agreement the beleaguered Albuquerque, New Mexico, provider had reached with its lenders.
In fact, rather than shun stocks, recognize that a beleaguered market usually signals great buying opportunities.
Spread narrowing this year has been broad-based, with some beleaguered industrial sectors tightening significantly, according to Derivative Fitch Senior Director Jim Batterman.
In a bombshell for beleaguered Noocarsul Rovers, I can exclusively reveal how the situation is rapidly deteriorating at the beleaguered club.
Harold Ramis ("Caddyshack") reprises his writer/director role for "Analyze That," while co-star and Emmy Award(R)-winner Lisa Kudrow (TV's "Friends") returns as Crystal's beleaguered wife, who is less than thrilled when her husband's psychotic mobster patient becomes their uninvited houseguest.
WELL, it's good to know that the beleaguered state of public education in California is benefiting someone - private schools.
Throughout, we saw brilliant strategies, missteps, bad luck and unpredictable human behavior all collide in spectacularly intricate fashion on every level, from the beat cops to their vindictive superiors, from the street pushers to the smuggling masterminds, and in the family of beleaguered dock workers where the whole story intersected.
It was absolutely wrong for this highly-profitable global corporation to not raise the salaries of these miners in a beleaguered country where people are actually on the verge of starvation.