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The story gets little details right in a way that makes these characters completely believable, straddling the line between the teenagers they are and the men they delude themselves into thinking they are.
The first is devoted to the tools used to be believable on stage.
In a nutshell: Based on Katherine Paterson's acclaimed children's book, the story of two young teens who learn to cope with real-world troubles by meeting challenges in the fantasy forest is kept believable.
Validity does not necessarily predict clinical relevance, but it is certainly important to understand whether reported information is believable before deciding whether to rely upon it for changes in clinical management.
Sharp-tongued believable people who are a little off-balance and backed into farcical situations by their own quirks--now that's funny.
In The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner, the dialect is enjoyable, understandable and believable.
For further enlightenment on computer game design, choose Penny Baillie-de Byl's Programming Believable Characters For Computer Games (1584503238, $54.
You'll find your copy becomes more believable and more successful.
Gerard Loughlin's essay on Ayn Rand's famous novel mixes literature, cinema and architecture with dreams, religion and biography in an entertaining and believable interpretation.
The arguments must be clear, the logical framework must be strong enough to withstand intelligent onslaughts, and, taken as a whole, the thesis must be believable.
In the second part of the essay he notes that the development of perspective was at the heart of a vast intellectual and moral project; the move toward three-dimensional, believable space in painting took place in the historical moment when human beings could believe themselves to be at the center of the universe.
The language is spare, but persuasive, and the plot believable.