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Moreover, it is necessary that pairs of contraries should in all cases either belong to the same genus or belong to contrary genera or be themselves genera.
Any European-born student can belong to it, except he be a Frenchman.
Any student can belong to it, no matter where he was born.
The suffering, whether of martyr or victim, which belongs to every historical advance of mankind, is represented in this way in every town, and by hundreds of obscure hearths; and we need not shrink from this comparison of small things with great; for does not science tell us that its highest striving is after the ascertainment of a unity which shall bind the smallest things with the greatest?
Father belong me one big fella chief along Port Adams.
Too much fright bang 'm head belong me," Gogoomy said proudly.
Asa Gray's 'Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States,' 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera.
It belongs to King Grisly-beard; hadst thou taken him, it had all been thine.
But this province of knowledge belongs to the art of Delivery and to the masters of that science.
It is one of the loveliest and kindest books that ever was written, and my heart belongs to it still; to be sure it belongs to several hundreds of other books in equal entirety.
they may then divide among themselves, what belongs to the rich: nor is this unjust; because truly it has been so judged by the supreme power.
The throne belongs to whoever is able to take it," answered Jinjur, as she slowly ate another caramel.