below standard

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Chief executive officer Julius Jwan said in a statement they are investigating claims that some textbooks are below standard.
They said the corporation has developed a good system of waste management in other UCs but their performance is below standard in their constituencies, they said.
He also checked cleanliness situation in restaurants and also inspected the food quality, which was mostly found below standard.
Due to its poor school infrastructure and below standard education quality, Madrasah MTS Badan Amal Ujungloe in Bulukumba, Sulawesi Selatan, was selected to take part in the Accreditation Program.
He said: "Rent is becoming completely unaffordable for many and the quality of accommodation is far below standard.
30pm, which dealt with below standard private rented properties and greedy landlords, I would like to add the following observation as a retired private landlord.
It is true that some students are adversely affected by 'nerves' and I feel it is only right that they should fail for this reason if their marks are below standard.
XCom Global continues to provide the optimum solution with best-in-class equipment rentals and unlimited data access with worldwide coverage (including Brazil) at rates substantially below standard international data roaming charges - without any long-term contracts.
Exposure at higher temperatures resulted in decreased survivorship compared to those below standard husbandry temperatures, with the greatest effect occurring within the first 24 hr exposure period.
But she also knew that aboveaverage death rates did not necessarily mean below standard care.
THE Government has today released a list of the 10 Kirklees primary schools which it rates as below standard.
Waugh took charge of 33 games across all Football League competitions last season and there is no suggestion of him performing below standard.