below standards

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The panel said the ex-theatre manager at Glangwili General, Car- omarthen, had been "sexu ally predatory" and his conduct had fallen below standards expected.
Rovers gaffer Darren Young said: "We fell below standards today.
This year, the project will continue in the areas which have high infiltration and inflows and/or lift stations operating below standards.
Reasonable people should find it shocking that some would watch the elderly suffer hypothermia in winter, be content with longer waiting lists for health treatment, accept an education system below standards in the rest of Britain and stand by while children live in poverty.
To be honest, the fans installed are below standards.
ISLAMABAD, February 22, 2010 (Balochistan Times): MQM senator Haseeb Khan has tabled an adjournment motion against the recent statement of Interior Minister Rehman Malik given in National Assembly, in which he had declared 50% of drugs manufactured in the Country as spurious, and below standards.
He said: "It is good news that air quality has improved recently, although it is still below standards.
We haven't produced in recent weeks and our last couple of displays have been below standards, so this is a chance to put things right.
The committee warns in a report that, while the fair trade movement has taken off in many high street stores, the performance of some large retailers "falls well below standards we consider acceptable".
At the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety, a 2002 Volkswagen Golf TDi modified to run on straight Canola oil produced emissions below standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.