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In the trap sat the chubby, tightly belted clerk who served Ryabinin as coachman.
The Kenworthy diamonds were taken in broad daylight, during the excitement of a charitable meeting on the ground floor, and the gifts of her belted bridegroom to Lady May Paulton while the outer air was thick with a prismatic shower of confetti.
Thus, in the lightest thoroughfares, there was at every turn some obscure and dangerous spot whither a thief might fly or shelter, and few would care to follow; and the city being belted round by fields, green lanes, waste grounds, and lonely roads, dividing it at that time from the suburbs that have joined it since, escape, even where the pursuit was hot, was rendered easy.
Nearly 300 lives per year would be saved if all car occupants belted up.
Also flat-top chain and belted variable-speed conveyors and variable-speed, metering, bulk-elevating conveyors from 1-80 cu-ft capacity in painted or stainless-steel finish.