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Peerzada's poetry has brought us into his private moments and the language used is very informal,' said Dr Noman about Bemused.
In an internet video, the group can be seen standing with placards in front of packaged chicken, beef and pork, while shoppers look on bemused.
People have been very bitterly disappointed and bemused by the event.
enthusiasm shown by the marchers, the Orange Walk leaves many locals - and English tourists - bemused.
London, May 30 (ANI): It has emerged that Queen Elizabeth II, who was said to be bemused by the frisking scene at the dinner party hosted by US President Barack Obama for her at Winfield House was seen leaving the party early.
Graham Smith Bemused by Meydan Tom Queally's assessment of the World Cup was spot-on.
Summary: The Vatican newspaper has declared that The Simpsons are Catholic, a claim that has left the show's producer bemused.
So dear Mr Bemused, try not to generalise when it comes to this issue.
LEE Colkin rightly looked bemused after witnessing his luckless Rugby Town side more than match play-off seeking neighbours Leamington but yet again failed to find a cutting edge.
MZ) has said that he was bemused by rating agency Moody's Investor Service's move, in which it had placed ratings of major banks in the country under review for possible downgrade.
SIMON MENSING admitted he was bemused by ref Dougie McDonald's decision to axe his goal in a dramatic Lanarkshire derby.
Even Jonathan Ross was bemused by her drawl and asked her to repeat herself on his Friday night show.