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His mother is saint and loving protector, a benefactress to those with even less than she had, and a canny, skillful maker of something-out-of-nothing, as many housewives had to be during the Great Depression and which they never stopped being after.
Knightley also seems to come closest in the community of Highbury to solving the riddle of the behavior of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax, who must disguise their engagement and feign indifference so Frank's benefactress, Lady Churchill, another wealthy relative raising an estranged sister's child, will not object to their betrothal.
This is evident, for example, in a description of his long-running intellectual project, the authoring of a book on Francoise-Louise de Warens, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's benefactress and mistress:
Inbee Park and our 80-1 benefactress from three years ago, Eun-Hee Ji, are two other Asian high-flyers likely to figure as is Sun Young Yoo, who won the Kraft Nabisco and followed up with a fourth in the Mobile Bay Classic in Alabama.
As well as instruction in fundamental practices of the Christian faith, Loehe's experience of loving care by his mother, who was "a benefactress to the family at every opportunity: was equally important.
As the convent she founded continued to expand in the seventeenth century, its nuns revered her: both as an exemplum of female spirituality and as a benefactress whose material bequest allowed them to remain self-sufficient.
We did not receive help yet again: the school in Sombor still holds on with the difficult and supernatural sacrifice of its teachers, who have been working there for two years with an annual salary of 1,000 K, and a catechist even for free, all of them expecting that the inheritance from benefactress Julijana, Laza Kostic's wife, born Palanacki, will come to life and save the teachers and this school from poverty and thus save the face of this municipality and of the people who approved of such a shameful act and allowed 3 to 4 poor teachers to keep this school alive with their health and lives.
Among the furniture and works of art made for Spencer House under the hammer in 8 July's Spencer House Sale comes important seat furniture, such as the fabulous set of 12 carved mahogany dining chairs probably designed by Vardy (600,000 [pounds sterling]-1m [pounds sterling]), as well as Louis xvi lacquer furniture, Sevres porcelain and Japanese Imari vases, the latter from the collection of the family's great benefactress, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough.
In marrying Jim, Arvay undergoes a major transformation, evolving from an underprivileged "Cracker" to a "quality first-class" benefactress (884).
Fourteen-year-old Calepino is a privileged slave, cared for and educated by a wealthy benefactress in Cartagena, Colombia.
Coincidentally, he was helped at one point by Lillian Wald, Rose Cohen's benefactress.
Conspicuously, the letter presents Wilson referring to her white benefactress twice as "mother" and places the twenty-something black person in the position of a small child being read to.