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Let no more British blood be spilled in that far-off benighted land.
are in grave danger of returning to the benighted days of heathendom.
We'll be taking the plane, hundreds of US citizens and millions of dollars to Cairo on Saturday, to buy vehicles, stock them with humanitarian aid and deliver it to the beleaguered citizens of the benighted Gaza Strip.
mf, piE mosso, piE fervente) The invading conquering oppressing tyrannizing ape, The thieving rampaging bombarding destroying ape, The pitiless self-pitying only-me-who-suffers benighted insensate deaf and sightless ape,
After that he follows a chronological order up to June 1944, after which Eire became once again "an anomalous, benighted backwater".
He characterizes the conflict with Israel as Arab rejectionism, and attributes it to cultural features the benighted Arabs have no control over.
To scatter the clouds of ignorance and error from the atmosphere of reason; to remove the film of prejudice from the mental eye; and thus to irradiate the benighted mind with the cheering beams of truth, is at once the business and the glory of eloquence.
In chapters with titles such as "The Deep-Fried Double-Wide Lifestyle," he despairs over his benighted brethren but loves them fiercely and wants justice for them.
He is not a modern day Ernest Hemingway, he is just a benighted, nescient, anthropocentric moron who must be kept away from all animals.
They simply dither around the benighted production of a 1940s family melodrama called ``Home for Purim,'' because Guest apparently thinks there's nothing more hilarious than Jews with Southern accents (again, where's Borat when you need him?
The purser starts out as a sympathetic character, complete with a conspiratorial eye-roll about her benighted employee and a blanket affirmation of the couple's activity.
It is a measure of the decadence of the Liberal Party of Canada that one of the foremost candidates to succeed Paul Martin as leader is a morally benighted Harvard professor and darling of the left, Michael Ignatieff.