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Now that we are coincidentally blessed or cursed by the nine-week interruption to the free flow of traffic to facilitate the removal of the benighted roundabouts at Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan it is worth noting that the most significant difference between the Conwy Tunnels and the Medway is that the Medway is not accessed by an expressway straddled by roundabouts.
A Keswick Mountain Rescue spokesman said: "While we recognise that there may be times where someone would need shelter having been benighted, we would really appreciate the equipment being put back in the same condition as it was removed.
NORMALLY, most of us would take the "Let the benighted lie" attitude when coming across comments made by those that are clearly beyond enlightenment, but I would make an exception in the case of Gerry Doyle, who said bringing the Opium Wars into the discussion of democracy, Hong Kong and China was "laughable" (Support democracy, ECHO, January 12).
All of this nonsense that the Democratic National Committee affiliates are promoting is typical of the sheer gutlessness of that benighted party.
One complaint, however, regarding the Upfront page on "Innovation Efficiency": really, should Paraguay of all benighted lands rank higher than North America or even its progressive neighbor, Brazil?
As a benighted, well, Knight of Columbus, I must be missing something.
I thought that benighted attitudes like hers had died out among young people, but it appears, sadly, that I was wrong.
that soldiers must the welfare of not a cause leaving wives I know that folk on the Left find it valuable to try to understand criminal behaviour , so I'll have a go at understanding and children Let no more be spilled in benighted land.
Our benighted ancestors would amuse themselves at dinner parties with jolly games such as seeing how many famous Belgians they could name.
federal government directly funded theatre productions of all sizes and types across the benighted land--and American theatremakers have been marveling incredulously at that remarkable period, and citing it aspirationally, ever since.
His main political ties run back to the Clinton administration, in which he served for three years as commerce secretary and ran Al Gore's benighted campaign for president.
With immigration continuing to spiral out of control, the last thing this benighted country needs is more encouragement for population growth.