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Ten pounds at floor height with bent knees is equal to 100 pounds of force on the back when bending at the waist with legs straight.
It was all on bent knees, hideously flat footed with no hip action.
Always face the direction in which you want to carry the weight, lift using a relaxed, straight back, make sure your legs are at least hips' width apart and lift with bent knees.
For the upper body, keep either the feet raised straight above chest (advanced version) or with bent knees and feet on the floor while holding the weight with arms extended above the chest.
Because it's easy to force turnout with bent knees, dancers with vulnerable kneecaps need to perform each movement within their natural range of motion to avoid injury.
Use your lower abdominals to lift your legs as high as possible (left), with bent knees, at least until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Lower your bent knees onto the floor to your left side.
To stretch your obliques, lower your bent knees to the floor on your left while you turn your head and stretch your arms to the floor on the right.
With their tight, grizzled perms, red coats and bent knees, they shuffle around the stage as familiar as a million Welsh mams, handbags clutched to bosoms.
With bent knees, transfer your weight to the tight leg.
Partnered seamlessly, the choreography intertwines with lifts, like the one where Sims cradles his wife under her neck and her bent knees, then slowly presses her overhead.
EXERCISE: Stand with slightly bent knees and begin front crawl action for a "length".