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The Islamic world is not destitute of genius, or ability," he wrote, "but it has not been given a dog's chance because it is under the benumbing control of a rigid theology and petrified dogma.
Here the grammar embedded in the umbilical attachment he has to his mother is wrenched apart and the world whirls in a benumbing senselessness.
Fittingly, the day that begins at the start of the poem is one that mixes the raptures of waking beside a beloved with a kind of ennui--the day that commences is cause for wonder, but Bishop also recognizes it as a static recurrence, a ritualized and benumbing repetition of natural cycles that hold us at their mercy:
Are we to assume that there is no other side to this benumbing world of the play?
There is a gloomy abstraction in / his conceptions, which lies like a dead weight upon the mind; a benumbing stupor, a breathless awe, from the intensity of the impression, a terrible obscurity like that which oppresses us in dreams .
It is Schloss's almost reverent attention to technical detail--the effortless wordplay on 'stage,' the accumulation of soft vowels in the final two lines, and the poem's refusal to repeat the tidy rhyme of the first couplet--that makes a book on such an otherwise benumbing subject such an enormous pleasure to read.
People anywhere in the world exposed to benumbing violence in any situation of armed conflict are prone to developing psychological disorders and this is equally true for Kashmir where the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) has grown.
For various placatory and benumbing drugs they had given her scripts, which I had filled.
I could not help noting the eagerness and zest with which he and his fellow students discussed cases and their implications and comparing this with the dreary and benumbing process we medical students endured as we filled our notebooks.
I cradle and cradle and cradle myself with dreams by day and by night and drink the same benumbing wine like someone who sleeps while awake.