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21) Pointedly, Slesinger's satire identifies the problem with endorsements of impersonality, and in this analysis The Unpossessed can be read as novelistic elaboration of Malcolm Cowley's assertion, published in the same month: "The artists will and do take part in [the struggle], because they are men before they are writers or painters, and because their human interests are involved, and because they can't stay out of the battle without deliberately blinding and benumbing themselves" (1934, 300).
It is Schloss's almost reverent attention to technical detail--the effortless wordplay on 'stage,' the accumulation of soft vowels in the final two lines, and the poem's refusal to repeat the tidy rhyme of the first couplet--that makes a book on such an otherwise benumbing subject such an enormous pleasure to read.
People anywhere in the world exposed to benumbing violence in any situation of armed conflict are prone to developing psychological disorders and this is equally true for Kashmir where the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) has grown.
The truth is he could not afford a hypocritical subjugation to a paralyzing and benumbing social, political, and religious order exacting a heavy price for social acceptability.
Even within the safer confines of benumbing predictability - getting up, wearing our trousers one leg at a time, negotiating the rage-filled roads, delivering excellence at whatever we do at work, coming back to a hot meal and sleeping - there is, somewhere very close, something or someone is ready to knock the foundations of our momentary peace.
The stranger seems to exert a stronger and benumbing influence on her.
I cradle and cradle and cradle myself with dreams by day and by night and drink the same benumbing wine like someone who sleeps while awake.
presenting the props from a remote-controlled dirigible race as an art installation--Olav Westphalen should be an artist we can count on in such harrowingly benumbing days as these.
In effect, though Marlow transcribes the whole conversation for the edification of the "privileged man," he keeps complaining that he does not understand it ("'No doubt,' I said, exasperated at being in the dark") or that he cannot participate in it ("You felt that nothing you could say would reach the seat of the still and benumbing pain"), so that he becomes aware of his narrative weakness: "my own voice seemed to me muffled, lost in an irresponsive deaf immensity" (Lord 347, 348, 350).
In the second group of wasters are the benumbing consequences of flawed management such as lack of planning, poor organisation of tasks, haste(
Most works of Heidegger scholarship are knotted with long discussions of German etymology, stilted by English translations of Heideggerian language that have a benumbing effect on even the most dedicated of readers, and give the impression that the writer mistakes repetitions of Heidegger's forbidding writing style as a replacement for philosophical insight.