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Confusion frequently originates from the actual details of transfer processes, such as huihui, or bequeathals of various kinds.
Those rights, on standard accounts of property, would characteristically encompass general claims held against everyone (in rem) to exclusive possession and exclusive use of one's body, and to modification or destruction of bodily property; a conditional right (that is, a right whose exercise requires or is conditioned upon the voluntary agreement of another person) to earn income from particular uses of the body (labor, exercise of skills) through entering into contracts or licensure agreements; and the liberties to alienate these property rights in the body to another by gift or sale, or by bequeathal or transmission upon death.
Thus, regardless of the electoral laws at play, the Lebanese elections seem to consist of religious and familial bequeathal operations where new directors are appointed to steal away the national returns of the state, thus serving to preserve the sectarian system and its masters.
However, this "initiative" has not been implemented, neither were the election laws withdrawn, nor was the supreme election committee disabled, or any measures taken to withdraw the constitutional amendments, nor was the bequeathal abolished.
WRITE to the Bequeathal Office, Department of Human Anatomy, Sher-rington Buildings, Liverpool L69 3 GE.
Kane's former wife and their two children challenged the unorthodox bequeathal in this precedent-setting case, which wound its way through courts until Thursday when the three-judge panel issued its ruling.
It is rather a part of an op-ed under the headline, "The Revolution of SuspicionC*January 25: from Bequeathal to the Muslim Brotherhood's Rule.
Opposition leaders: We will peacefully resist bequeathal of power
THE Bequeathal Office, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Liverpool, Ashton Street, Liverpool L69 3GE.
He committed the crime of open-ended presidency along with the dream of bequeathal.
Most of the time, I understand the position of those who oppose bequeathal of power, but I don't understand why they don't read real facts on the ground in a proper manner.