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Newcastle University operates the Bequeathal Program for those in the North East wishing to donate their bodies to medical science after their death.
In the face of the seemingly irrepressible biological patterns of procreation and bequeathal, an imagined self-containment (reimagined virginity) permits Ike to avert his eyes from the progressive erosion of his rural tradition and the evermore insistent confrontations with realigning social conditions.
These petty thieveries may be perceived to be symbolic of the horrific seizure by "foreigners" of the native people's total birthright and inheritance, their just land bequeathal wrested away from them, acreage by acreage, as the historical narrative of the book unfolds.
Turner which, remarkably, have been exhibited in the gallery every January since their bequeathal by Henry Vaughan in 1900.
If one added the obstacles and the difficulties, what struck analysts was how the Duma left a rich store of draft legislation; for some this was its greatest bequeathal.
Kings, princes and presidents are all the same when it comes to corruption, extravagance, and waste of public funds, power bequeathal and nepotism.
This year, the Mushaira successfully carried on the bequeathal of the past Mushairas.
cooperation, competition, trade, bequeathal, and so forth) may not be violated.
Another major contributor in Bodleian history was of course Burton, whose bequeathal of his personal library transformed the library's collection of English literature (Philip 33).
Although the above bequeathal could possibly be deduced from Dante's speaker, it is not one the denizen of hell is positioned to make at all--in the dead world, Telemachus is only named as someone Ulysses had abandoned, not appointed.
Now this poem of gazes has become a memorial, a bequeathal.