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Go to bed berry soon, he mumbled, half-turning as he spoke.
he aint find nowhar - dat's just whar de shoe pinch - my mind is got to be berry hebby bout poor Massa Will.
I had a big stick ready cut for to gib him deuced good beating when he did come - but Ise sich a fool dat I hadn't de heart arter all - he look so berry poorly.
No, massa, dey aint bin noffin unpleasant since den - 'twas fore den I'm feared - 'twas de berry day you was dare.
De bug, - I'm berry sartain dat Massa Will bin bit somewhere bout de head by dat goole-bug.
Mos feerd for to ventur pon dis limb berry far - tis dead limb putty much all de way.
Him rotten, massa, sure nuff," replied the negro in a few moments, "but not so berry rotten as mought be.
Why dis berry curous sarcumstance, pon my word - dare's a great big nail in de skull, what fastens ob it on to de tree.
The clearing was irregular, following the patches of the best soil, and every fruit tree and berry bush, and even each vegetable plant, had the water personally conducted to it.
He plunged into the swimming tank or went hunting with the Judge's sons; he escorted Mollie and Alice, the Judge's daughters, on long twilight or early morning rambles; on wintry nights he lay at the Judge's feet before the roaring library fire; he carried the Judge's grandsons on his back, or rolled them in the grass, and guarded their footsteps through wild adventures down to the fountain in the stable yard, and even beyond, where the paddocks were, and the berry patches.
And while he did this he kept looking about and watching what came into his view: at one moment he picked a wild berry and ate it or offered it to Levin, then he flung away a twig with the blade of the scythe, then he looked at a quail's nest, from which the bird flew just under the scythe, or caught a snake that crossed his path, and lifting it on the scythe as though on a fork showed it to Levin and threw it away.
Berry was an original intellectual figure who contributed to multiple currents of thought in historical and contemporary cultural studies of religion.