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He will return to Olympus twelve days hence; I will then go to his mansion paved with bronze and will beseech him; nor do I doubt that I shall be able to persuade him.
Let us, I beseech thee, turn aside from this comfortless road leading, thou knowest whither, but not I.
I have a duty to discharge; and, either here, or in the room from which we have just now come, at whatever risk or hazard to Mr Bray, I must beseech you to contemplate again the fearful course to which you have been impelled.
Have mercy on me, sir, I beseech, and do not pierce my heart with such appeals as these.
I beseech you then," cries Sophia, "upon my knees I beseech you, if I have been the unhappy occasion of this difference, that you will endeavour to make it up with my aunt, and not suffer her to leave your house in this violent rage of anger: she is a very good-natured woman, and a few civil words will satisfy her.
As the country finds itself incapable of taking it anymore without a president, we beseech St.
We beseech Allah to strengthen the royal family so that they can achieve greater achievements.
That is all we can beseech anybody to do who makes such allegations.
ARE -HH HH-Water gushing everywhere All I could do was stand and stare The stopcock I could not reach Help I need I do beseech A call for help to repair Was put on hold to my despair All I could do was stand and cry But my priority was getting dry In the bedroom I went and fell All I could say was "Bloody Hell" An emergency call I had to send Care call came to save and mend My saviours said I could not stay But we will help you if we may They got on the phone and called around Until a care home they had found To Mandale House I have come And this is now my happy home Everyone here is helpful and kind That has given me peace of mind
I would head upstairs after lunch, lie down on my bed, and beseech.
Although Jews were thoroughly and severely oppressed over more than 1,600 years by leaders with Catholic or Protestant beliefs, the Mormon Church has been extra nice to us, even going so far as to beseech God on our behalf for entry to Heaven.
Leave us our heritage and right to free speech And leave well enough along we beseech.