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Villagers told him of their suffering and gestured as they beseeched him for help.
Farahi beseeched her peers to formulate a food consumption plan that would protect basic rights to clean and healthy food as well as clothing and housing.
And the people and the money lenders held out their hands and beseeched to them who were set in authority above them, give us money for we have lost that which we had.
We ask you in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here," the Pope beseeched God after blessing the ground in all four directions.
Sudais beseeched Allah to help the Iraqi brethren to overcome the worst crisis in their country.
I beseeched our North East MPs to take up the fight and, to date, no answer.
The flight lead was running out of ideas, so beseeched the LSO to find them, adding that his best guess was that his section was in a left-hand turn approaching final bearing.
Gary Hackett has beseeched Stourbridge to bounce back from their FA Vase heartache by kick-starting their title challenge tonight.
Some people carried signs urging the President to step down; others beseeched him to stay the course.
Before Tuesday's death sentence was delivered, Barroso's mother, Suzan, beseeched Riley to send Sanchez to Death Row.
New Executive Committee member Alex Padilla echoed Russo's sentiment, and beseeched the help of "every city official across the state to effectively deliver our message of protecting local democracy.
Accompanied by a cardinal and a number of priests, patriarch Rahi thanked his Syriac Orthodox counterpart patriarch Afram II and bishops for their hospitality; He also beseeched the Almighty to free and ensure the safe return of all Syriacs abducted from Qreiteen locality near Homs by extremist gunmen.