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When a peach tree cared for by a farmer and his family is beset by hungry aphids, it wilts because it cannot sustain their excessive appetite.
95) blends suspense and romance with Joyce Bean and Dick Hill two long-time audio narrators as it tells of a rural Idaho town where a young widow's bed-and-breakfast is beset with mystery when a guest vanishes and armed men demand his belongings.
Blending ethnography and social commentary, War on the Family powerfully chronicles the lives of incarcerated women and their families, and the many injustices that beset them.
Amato offers accessible and practical answers to the questions and problems that beset beginning, intermediate, and experienced writers who could benefit from the critiques, observations and advice of their peers in a small group setting, but don't have ready access to one.
New York Jets head coach HERMAN EDWARDS, whose team has been beset with numerous season-ending injuries, when asked by the media what he thought of the job his good friend, Indianapolis Colts head Tony Dungy was doing in what many consider a season for the ages: "We're having a season for the ages, too.
On Christmas Eve, Misha and Marie are in bed and beset with nightmares.
Forest Service, which he describes as "disintegrating, devolving" and beset by "bureaucratic sclerosis.
The 'toilet training' problem, which has included locked loos, spillages and blocked toilets, is one of a number of difficulties to beset the Pendolinos, which were launched in September at a lavish ceremony in London attended by Tony Blair.
Beset by relentless grief, Rick, a podiatrist, is reminded of an amputation he once performed, and his patient's plaintive words after the surgery was complete: "'It was part of me,' she kept saying.
Indeed, the life of the premodern female traveler was fraught with prejudice and beset with barriers.
Since announcing plans to have the "Ghost Fleet" scrapped, MARAD has been beset by opposition from environmentalists claiming that transporting the vessels violates environmental regulations, as they say the vessels contain significant amounts of hazardous materials, including PCBs.