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Pope Benedict did not identify in detail areas of difficulty between the two churches, but he did speak of the "the strains and difficulties besetting the Anglican Communion and consequently about the uncertainty of the communion itself.
The reason I joined Americans United is because I feel strongly that so many of the evils besetting our country today stem from mixing politics and religion.
A classic anthology of literature, charged with emotion and a stark view of ills besetting individuals and society at large.
Now, with troubles again besetting the nation, President George W.
A PLAN to build the biggest windfarm on mainland Britain in Wales is to go ahead despite financial problems besetting the US multinational giant, Enron.
A second concern besetting the Filipino Catholic community is the efforts of Pentecostal or evangelical groups to win over converts.
The war on drugs will never be won until we solve the larger problems besetting America.
In La poesie malgre tout he examines the state of French poetry and the difficulties besetting poetry, moving from scrutiny of individual authors to efforts at justifying poetry in the face of the twentieth century.
She shows how Mary Rowlandson deliberately associated her personal sufferings as Indian captive with those of ancient Israel, just as ministers represented the trouble besetting their churches and society as God's testing of his chosen people.