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Reforms is being introduced in Works and Services Department and all the organizations was being re-organized and strengthened besides enhancing their capacity.
That's a question I can't answer because there's no difference besides the fact that Kaitlin is inside her mother.
The Minister announced special allowance for teachers performing duties in far flung areas besides special awards for them.
Besides Newbury Park's Oli Keohohou, Enea is the most feared returning power hitter in the area.
Besides comprehensive coverage of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 PUFA market, the study includes crucial information on market drivers and industry challenges the growth forecasts, along with application and market trends that will aid in effectively planning and sustaining growth in a mature market.
The political and economic experts besides people of Chitral highly lauded PML-N Government for fulfilling yet another promise by constructing the long awaited project with approved cost Rs 29 billion that would immensely help provide inexpensive electricity to people of this mountainous district besides bolstering trade and business activities in KP in general and Chitral in particular.
Sharfi Goth police said it had taken into custody a drug peddler besides recovering narcotics from his possession.
Besides the Golden Nugget, there are new owners at the Flamingo (American Casino & Entertainment, which also owns the Stratosphere Casino and both Arizona Charlie's locations in Las Vegas), Ramada Express (Columbia Sussex, which also owns the River Palms in town) and the Horizon Outlet Center (Ariel Preferred Retail Group).
Besides meat, they also serve seafood there, and the restaurant has a private space for business meetings.
Besides hot roiled steel, new special metals include cold rolled steel, stainless steel and bronze.
Besides great live footage that's actually worth watching, the DVD tells the story of the break-up of the band in 1998 following singer Hank's descent into heroin addiction on their last tour.
Besides, it is tiring as hell and annoys your wife.